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How to Apply for a Work-at-Home Medical Transcriptionist Job with MedQuist

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Located in Mount Laurel, N.J., MedQuist provides medical transcription services and software technology to healthcare facilities throughout the United States. According to MedQuist, the company is the largest employer of medical transcriptionists in the world. MedQuist employs home-based medical transcriptionists who work from home. MedQuist offers a full benefits package to eligible home-based medical transcriptionists, which includes paid time off, life, health, dental and vision insurance. Other benefits are available as well.

Visit the MedQuist "Career Search" web page. Click on "Medical Transcriptionist" in the "Select Category" box. Click the "Search" button.

Click "Medical Transcriptionist" on the "New Search" page. Read the medical transcriptionist job description. Click the "Apply Now" button located at the bottom of the screen.

Read the short message on the "Information" screen. Click "Continue." Click "USA" on the "Questions About You" page. Click "Continue." Enter your social security number and zip code in the designated fields. Click "Continue."

Enter your name, address, phone number and email address on the "Information About You" screen. Click "Continue." Complete the "Questions About You" series of pages and click "Continue" after answering each question. Each question in this category appears on a separate page. There are approximately 20 questions.

Read the equal opportunity message on the "Information" page and click "Continue." Select appropriate answers on the "Voluntary Information" pages. Click "Continue" after answering each question. There are three questions in this category.

Click "Continue With Assessment" on the "Questions About You" page if you want to complete the online assessment. The assessment takes approximately one hour to complete and includes objective and medical transcription test areas. Successful passage of both test areas of the test is required for consideration for medical transcriptionist job openings.

Read the message on the "Thank You" page. Click "Finish." You will receive an email message with a link to the online test administered by MT-Test.

Click "Finish" on the "Questions About You" page if you wish to complete the online assessment at a later time. If you choose this option, MedQuist will send an email with instructions on how to complete the test.