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How to Submit a Short Story to "Southern Living" Magazine

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Aspiring authors to Southern Living magazine must follow the rules for submitting stories for an editor's approval. Learn the steps involved in presenting your work to the publication so you can become a Southern Living contributor.

Research Southern Living magazine thoroughly so you know your material is appropriate to its theme and style. Note the type of articles present in current issues and observe the tone and length. Make note of the name and address of the content or submissions editor.

Polish your manuscript completely. It should be grammatically perfect, error-free and formatted correctly. It should be black print in a 12-point font. Above all, it should be written to appeal to Southern Living readers. Place your last name and the page number at the top right corner of each page.

Prepare your query letter. This will be the Southern Living editor’s introduction to you and your writing. Include your address and contact information. Be brief but include all applicable information. Thank the editor for his attention to your work.

Visit the Southern Living website (See Resources) to ascertain whether it is accepting materials at the time you are ready to submit. Market List recommends emailing or calling the company if the information is not readily available on the website. Always ask whether submissions are accepted from individuals or whether an agent is required. If the magazine is receptive to receiving submissions, ask for specific submission guidelines.

Package your query letter and story together for mailing. Confirm the address before sending. Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your submission so your article can be returned to you.


Use a formal tone in addressing the editors at the magazine. You desire to work with these professionals, so you need to be professional yourself.

Don’t give up. Even if you receive a form letter rejection, do not quit trying. Revise your work to improve it and send it out to other publications. Be sure to follow specific guidelines for submitting.


Do not call editors directly when following up on your submission. Instead, send a post card reminding them of your article and thanking them again for their attention. Be sure to give them adequate time to reply before contacting them again.