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How to Sell Christian Songs That I Write

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Christian music provides inspirational songs that speak to those of Christian faith. The Christian music genre is very popular, and Christian music songwriters may find themselves in a very creative and lucrative career. Hard work and faith are key elements in getting your songwriting off the ground. Once you have a strong collection of your work, you are ready to approach industry management and get your foot in the door.

Collect audio recordings of your songs. If you do not have any recordings of your music, you can reach out to amateur vocalists, musicians and recording artists who are also looking to create and expand their portfolios. Put an ad in the paper, or get in contact with a school that has an audio program or a Christian school that would have like-minded vocalists and musicians. Reach out to members of your church who may have contacts or will fund your project.

Create a portfolio of your work. You will want to amass a collection of your lyrics on paper and audio recordings of your songs being performed. Once you have recordings of your songs, create a website that will act as an online resume. Include your song lyrics and audio clips. Create a biography and mission statement. If you do not know how to create a website, search the Internet for companies that will set up and host your website. There may be a small fee for this, but your website will help you reach a larger audience and will represent your talents and goals.

Enter Christian songwriting contests, which will allow your music to reach a broader audience and may attract the attention of Christian talent management. If you receive any awards from these contests, be sure to include them on your resume and website.

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Research the Christian music artists you enjoy and who have a style similar to yours. Take notes on who represents them and what music labels and publishing houses they have worked under. Find agents you would like to work with.

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Reach out to the agents on your list. They will represent you to the labels and publishing houses that will purchase your lyrics. Your agent will also help you navigate the legal and monetary issues of song publishing and try to get you the best deal possible.


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