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How to Write a Coaching Contract

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Preparing a contract for a coaching position is important from a legal and employment standpoint. Coaching contracts ensure that the individual understands the terms of employment, salary and any other important information required by the organization or by law. It also establishes a legal agreement that the individual will complete the tasks and the organization will fulfill its contractual obligations.

Establish the coach's duties and responsibilities, including expected conduct, additional time requirements, budgeting, fundraising expectations and any other responsibilities as outlined by the employer. This information must be written in clear terms, delineating specific outcomes required.

Determine the compensation to be provided including payment provisions. Outline other forms of compensation including bonuses, insurance benefits, travel expenses and retirement.

Establish the contract terms. The contract may last one sporting season, one calendar year or for however long the organization determines. The contract must note whether the coach is an employee of the organization or serving as an independent contractor. Non-compete requirements may be included, except where prohibited by law or where the terms are not reasonable, according to Nolo.

Include a section dedicated to termination and the criteria to enforce this action. This clause should explain under what grounds termination is permitted, including voluntary separation or for violation of a performance standard. A provision for due process must be included to preserve the coach's right to appeal.

Provide a miscellaneous section to include other information not covered elsewhere in the contract. This section may include clauses for liquidated damages, definitions of unfamiliar or important terms, and the effective date of the contract.

Include signing information. Provide a place for both parties to sign, print and date the contract, with space available for witnessing signatures and notary attestation, if required.


Have a human resources professional or your attorney review the coaching contract to ensure all legal requirements have been met.