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How to Apply Leadership Skills

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Applying leadership skills in the workplace and in life will set you apart from others as someone who is in charge, capable and driven. Being in a position of leadership puts you in a place where others watch what you do, look to you for direction and notice if your actions are in line with your beliefs. Making your intentions known will clarify the group’s goals and inspire those you are directing to tune into your vision. There are a few simple but important rules to follow when applying leadership skills at work and in life.

Have open communications with everyone. Open communications encourage people to be forthright with their opinions and perspectives. Further, you eliminate fear and shyness by encouraging everyone to speak their minds. It is important that everyone in your group knows they can talk to you about any big obstacles they are facing, their opinions or questions. Being approachable is a very basic way to apply leadership skills.

Focus on one simple concept or goal. While your company, family or group may have more than just one goal, focusing on one particular purpose will put everyone in the same mindset. Naming a single goal likely will answer a lot of questions about specific scenarios. For example, if your main concept is “Just say yes” to the customer, you illustrate the importance of pulling strings or sacrificing for a customer with a strange request to keep their business permanently.

Practice what you preach. Act out the concepts you say you believe in. Pay attention to the phrase: “Actions speak louder than words.” A leader who believes in and lives by the principles he defends will inspire results.

Dish out praise. Let the people in your group know when they are doing what you want them to do. If necessary, try encouragement instead of discipline when a group member is not performing up to par. Ask her if there is something bothering her and let her know you appreciate her efforts.


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