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How do I Use a TWIC Card As a Background Check for a Hazmat License?

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The background checks for a TWIC card and the Hazardous Material Endorsement (HME) are the same. According to a final ruling documented by the Department of Homeland Security, in an effort to reduce redundant background checks, TSA has the jurisdiction to decide “if a security threat assessment conducted by another governmental agency or by TSA for another program is comparable to the standards in this rule.” Under this ruling, an individual with a TWIC card who applies for a Hazmat license, and vice versa, may forgo an additional background check, since one was already performed.

Contact a TSA customer service representative a minimum of 30 days before your CDL expires if you want to get, renew, or transfer an HME.

Tell the representative that you possess a TWIC card and the date it expires. Show the card if you are in person.

Pay the reduced fee for the HME. In the unlikely event that you are still required to undergo a background check, there is no charge.


You may also get an application and fingerprinting information for a HME at your local DMV if your state is not registered as a TSA state.


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