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How to Do a Focus Board

Focus boards, also known as vision boards, are frequently used to help individuals and businesses visualize ideas and manifest their desires. A company may use focus boards to assist them in communicating a concept to a group. Businesses also use focus boards to establish objectives and increase team morale.

You can create an effective focus board that will inspire you, help you to organize your thoughts and set you on the path to achieving your goals.

Decide what you want your focus board to emphasize. Choose an area of your life that you want to improve, such as your career or relationships. Establish your ideal result. Imagine your overall goal and think of how you want to get there.

Make lists, meditate or take a walk to clear your mind for creative thinking. Talk with family, your significant other, peers or colleagues. Feedback from other people can be extremely helpful, and listening to their input can help you to focus your ideas.

Select a material for your focus board. You may use poster board, wood, cardboard or a large piece of paper. Shape or size does not matter. Go with what is comfortable for you.

Get creative. If you would like to create a collage-themed focus board, gather magazine clippings, photographs and your favorite affirmations. When selecting these items, keep a positive perspective. If you are using photographs, stick to those that are uplifting and that evoke a fond memory. If you are using words and phrases from a magazine, choose clippings that suggest happiness, success and progress.

Lay the pieces your have selected onto the surface to establish your final placement. Do not tape or glue anything until you feel completely comfortable.

If you are using a chart approach, try to group similar ideas together in compartments on your focus board. Organize your focus board by giving sections titles and subheads. This method is especially effective for professional instruction.

Fill your focus board with all of your ideas. Use paint or markers to add details and to highlight key points. Use glue or tape to attach your photos, clippings and affirmations to the board.

If you are working on a team, you may want to include team members in creating the focus board. Ask them questions and encourage them to be active participants. Group members appreciate being involved in implementing new ideas.

Post your focus board in a frequently visible area. Be sure to take at least a few minutes out of each day to reflect on your focus board.

If you are working with a group, suggest that they share their thoughts about the focus board and be open to adding their input.


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