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How to Add 15 Minutes on Your Time Sheet

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Time sheets are vital in any business environment where employees are paid hourly instead of by salary. Each state has its own unique labor laws regarding the treatment and payment of hourly employees, but hours usually must be paid in 15-minute increments. If an employee works an extra 15 minutes past the hour, those 15 minutes need to be reimbursed, whereas five minutes over would not be paid. Because of labor laws regarding both wages and the taking of work breaks, it is sometimes necessary to add 15 minutes to your time sheet after you've already clocked out. This is usually a simple process.

Write in the 15 minutes under the "Break" section of the time sheet if the added time is in the form of a break that requires recording.

Cross a single line through your original out time if you already punched out, and write in the new out time with the 15 minutes added underneath it. The original time out should still be visible so payroll can review the authenticity of the added time.

Contact a manager or supervisor to initial the written changes to verify the added time is correct and authorized. This protects you against reprimand for unauthorized editing of time records.


Always verify proper procedure with a supervisor before editing a time sheet to make sure you get correctly compensated for time worked.

Make all changes in blue or black ink. Pencil can be smudged or erased, and other colors are usually considered unprofessional. Plus, blue or black ink are required for legal documents.