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How to Tell the Year of a Ford 8N

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The Ford model 8N series of tractors were a popular utility tractor choice for farmers between the years 1947 and 1953. The tractor is sought after by antique dealers and those who desire to restore them. To determine the year of a Ford 8N tractor, the serial number must be located and then compared to a list of serial numbers used by Ford for each of the years in which the tractor was manufactured.

Locate the serial number imprinted on the Ford 8N tractor. The serial number is stamped into the metal of the engine, on the left side of the tractor when seated facing toward the front and is located just a few inches behind the oil filter. The serial number will begin with 8N.

Write down the full serial number once found. If necessary, clean away all dirt and oil deposits so all of the digits may be recorded accurately.

Cross-reference the serial number with the list of numbers falling between specific years. The first 8N tractor was manufactured in 1947, with the serial number of 8N1 up to and including 8N37907. In 1948 the serial numbers ranged from 8N37908 to 8N141369. In 1949: 8N141370 up to and including, 8N245636. In 1950: 8N245637 up to and including, 8N343592. In 1951: 8N343593 up to and including, 8N442034. And in the final year of 1952: 8N442035 up to and including, 8N524076.


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