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How to Learn Dental Handpiece Repair

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Dental handpiece repair involves troubleshooting and fixing high-speed turbines, low-speed devices, nosecones, ultra-sonic scalers and various dental handpiece attachments. Many dental handpiece repair shops can be found online, and some serve customers worldwide. Typing the words "dental handpiece repair" into a basic search engine will yield hundreds of results for dental handpiece repair information. With the proper training and education, you could very well be running your own dental handpiece repair shop one day.

Familiarize yourself with the various dental handpieces by visiting a dental repair and training website, such as the Handpiece Surgeon or Orion (see References). These sites each offer basic training programs in handpiece repair as well as online classes focusing on more specialized subjects like nosecone repair and low-speed handpiece repair.

Learn basic information about the most commonly used handpieces. A turbine, or high-speed handpiece, operates at a speed greater than 100,000 rpm. A nosecone is a straight attachment used with a low-speed motor that supports a basic “U” attachment. Bearing, which look like small metal rings, are used to guide rotating parts in dental handpieces.

Visit your local dentist’s office to see dental handpieces firsthand. Ask about their different uses and how the office goes about getting its devices repaired or replaced.

Return to the Handpiece Surgeon or Orion websites. Click on the "Contact Us" tab to learn more about each program if you're unsure which program is best for you.

Enter the basic training program of your choice to learn more about dental handpiece repair.


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