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How to Get a Job Caretaking for the Wealthy

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Being a caretaker for a home is an enviable job. Your work can take up only a couple of days a week, you live in a nice house rent-free, and receive a wage on top of that. The bigger the house and wealthier the owners, the fatter that wage packet is going to be. The only problem is landing yourself that kind of work. Unless you have many rich close friends, you are unlikely to fall into it. It will take time and hard work before you can be employed to be a caretaker for the wealthy.

Brace yourself for exactly what the position entails. You may be away from your home for up to a couple of months. Also be prepared to take orders from someone else. If you feel homesick or don’t fancy the job any more, you can’t just pack up and leave.

Work your way up the career ladder by starting as a caretaker for friends while they are on holiday. Do a good job and work hard for a number of people so that word will spread. Strengthen your resume whenever you can. In this type of job, you cannot have enough experience of dealing with different homes and situations.

Acquire strong character references to add to your resume. Employers will be letting you into their homes so they’ll certainly want to hire someone who is trustworthy.

Learn some maintenance skills around the house and the garden. This will help bolster your resume. Wealthy employers are paying you not only as security but to maintain the house as well. You need to be able to fix things and not spend their money on repairmen when things go wrong.

Purchase a subscription to the monthly magazine "The Caretaker Gazette," the ultimate source on finding recently available caretaker jobs from around the world. In between each issue, check your local newspapers for any jobs being advertised.

Surf the Internet for available employment on job sites. There are even those dedicated to finding work for caretakers. The list of the ten best sites is available in "resources."