How to Apply for the Postal Exam

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The United States Postal Service is one of the largest government employers in the nation. Job security, attractive pay packages and added benefits lure many aspirants to apply for postal exams every year. Considering the current uncertain state of the economy, postal jobs are a great career option. USPS has recently revised its examination and testing procedures for recruiting employees. Many of the previous exams have been done away with and a single test named Postal Exam 473 E has been introduced to recruit approximately 90 percent of entry-level employees.

Acquire knowledge of various job titles in the United States postal service. This information will enable you to know whether you will have to apply for the test 473 E or any other exam. Description of job titles along with pay is available in the website

Log on to the USPS website. Create a user ID and password by entering required information and complete the registration process.

Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on the careers icon. A window will appear on right-hand side with four options. Click on the second option to view current job vacancies. Click on the third option to create an eCareer profile by entering relevant details.

Choose a location nearest to you to attend for the online exam on a date of your choice. You will have to appear for a traditional exam with pen/pencil if the job requires you to write a test other than exam 473 E. This option will appear only if there is a job vacancy and after you create an eCareer profile.

Apply for different job titles separately following the same procedure as described above. Remember information of the account created so that you need not have to go through the registration process again.

Get ready for the postal exam with thorough preparation once the job application is completed and sent. The current system treats a job application as an exam application and offers the flexibility to choose the date and location of an exam.


Study postal exam guides and take practice tests to become familiar with the pattern of postal exam. Test 473 E is very difficult as approximately two-thirds of candidates who appear for the tests do not qualify.

Submit your resume in the federal resume style with details of work experience that fulfill requirements of the job announcement.

Details of your knowledge, skills and abilities along with educational qualifications should also be included in the resume.

Submit form OF-612 in case you do not have prior work experience. This form is optional but will bolster your chances in case you are applying for entry-level jobs or temporary jobs.


Fill in the application form properly with all the required information. Incorrect application forms will be rejected.