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How to Handle a Disrespectful Boss

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Even if you have a great job with great benefits, handling a disrespectful boss can be a nightmare. There are ways you can learn to deal with your boss and get your work done without the constant pressure or stress from a disrespectful boss. Just because he's your boss doesn't mean you have to be passive and accept degrading behavior. If you want to stay in your current job, you'll have to learn to handle your boss and make the best of the situation.

Try to avoid dealing with your boss as much as possible. Depending on your work environment, this may be tough. If you do have to deal with your boss, try to have your work done and plan ahead for problems or questions so you can keep your interactions as brief as possible.

Explain the problems you have to your boss. Tell her that you feel like she does not respect you and treats you inappropriately. Stay calm and be honest, but do not get angry. In some cases, your boss may not realize that she has treated you wrongly.

File a complaint about your boss to upper management or your company ombudsman if there is one. An ombudsman usually works for the human resources or personnel department and settles conflicts for employees to ensure comfortable work settings and good employee morale.

Consider new job opportunities if you can't mesh with your boss. Sometimes a disrespectful boss will not change, no matter how much you try. Weigh out the advantages of staying at your job and dealing with the boss or finding another place to work.


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