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How to Repair a Massage Table

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Your portable massage table is second only to your hands as the most important part of your massage practice. If you are a mobile massage therapist you are setting up, taking down and transporting your massage table to multiple appointments a day. This kind of use requires regular maintenance and simple repairs to keep your investment in good condition.

Read all instructions on maintenance and upkeep when you first buy your massage table. Keep your product manual attached to your table or with other important paperwork.

Check all of the nuts, bolts and screws on your table for tightness. This should be done every month. These screws loosen over time, especially if you are moving or adjusting your table on a regular basis.

Check the leg cables on your portable table for nicks frequently. These cables are an important part of your table as they offer additional stability.

Check the table top backing on your table for rotted wood or cracks. Most massage table tops are backed by plywood or press board. Both of these materials can be weakened by water and humidity. If there are any cracks in your backing, contact the manufacturer immediately and stop using your table.

Repair any scratches or cuts on the fabric covering your massage table. Most massage tables are covered by either vinyl (sometimes referred to as leatherette) or leather. A simple vinyl or leather repair kit will help keep your table looking great and keep a tear from spreading.


Keep on hand warranty information and receipt of sale for your massage table. Most manufacturers or equipment distributors offer repairs on tables under warranty. If you notice any defects on your table, contact the distributor immediately.

When folding your table, ensure all cables are tucked under the table and are not being pinched in the hinges or between the two sides of the table top.

If a cable becomes severed or nicked, contact the manufacturer for a replacement part immediately and do not use your table until it is properly repaired.

If your massage table is set up and taken down and transported daily you may notice nicks and scratches on the sides of your table. A massage table carrying case will prevent the majority of these scratches and help your table top last longer.


A damaged massage table can fail and injure you and your client severely.