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How to Get a Job at Michael's

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Michael's is a specialty retail store that sells arts and crafts. The store provides a great selection of art and craft items for those who are art majors or hobbyists. If you're interested in getting a job at Michael's, the store offers a variety of hourly and management positions as well as non-store positions, including corporate and manufacturing plant and distribution positions. For each position that you apply for, certain skills and education are required. To apply for a position at a Michael's retail store or to apply for non-store positions, you will need to apply online. It is also a good idea to personally visit a local Michael's store location to receive an application. However, if you want to have a better chance at becoming an employee of Michael's, you will need to apply additional steps.

Check online or at your nearest Michael's store location to see if they are hiring. For a better hiring chance, you should apply during their hiring seasons and at the store locations that are hiring. Once you find out which store locations are hiring, either apply online or visit the store to receive an application.

Develop a resume. A resume contains a summary of job experiences as well as educational experiences that you have encountered in the past. Usually, this is the first piece of paper that your employer will scrutinize and review.

Type a cover letter. A cover letter allows you to show what you are made of. It gives you a chance to make a good first impression and helps you to stand out from the other applicants. To do this, you want to grab the attention of your potential hiring manager by being specific about your goals and your objectives in life. You should also mention that you are interested in a job interview, according to Jimmy Sweeney, President of CareerJimmy.

Dress professionally. Make sure that before you go in for an interview or before picking up an application that you are dressed for the part. First impressions mean everything. You want to make a very good impression. Sometimes prospective employees are hired on the spot.

Prepare yourself for a phone interview or for an in-person interview. There are questions your hiring manager may ask you and you must be prepared for these questions. In addition, you should ask questions that show that you are interested in the company, according to the Lutheran College Washington Semester Web site. If you are scheduled for a phone interview, make sure that you answer the phone at the designated time for the interview. If the interview is in person, be sure to arrive on time for your interview.


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