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How to Become a Test Driver for GM

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Many car aficionados will tell you that test-driving cars is a dream job. As a test driver, you spend most of your time on a closed track or on the open road, testing your car's maneuverability. Test drivers at General Motors are no different. As a driver you should possess exceptional driving skills as well as nerves of steel.

Complete some college-level coursework in automotive design and manufacturing. Ideally, you should complete your associate or bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

Enroll in a mechanic's course to familiarize yourself with the various systems in some of GM's vehicles. Study the mechanics of gear shifting and the power-to-weight ratio. Consider alternative learning opportunities, like go-kart classes.

Check the GM Careers website frequently for openings in your area. Apply to these jobs online. If you have contacts within the automotive industry, or better yet at GM, reach out to them before you apply. Your contacts may provide you insight about GM or may be willing to speak with someone at GM on your behalf.

Be prepared to take a lesser position within GM. Many test drivers don't get started in their current position. Working at GM, even if it's an entry-level position, you will gain understanding and appreciation for the vehicles you will eventually be driving.


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