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How to Find a Job As a Doctor

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Once you complete medical school along with an internship and residency, you can get hired as a doctor. Doctors also look for jobs when they're ready to move to another city or area of the country. Some physicians choose to work in a hospital as a specialist or surgeon or in a medical practice. Getting hired as a physician can be accomplished with networking and searching online.

Network to find a job

Talk with medical school professors and other doctors and let them know you're looking for a job. National Health Partners and Resources recommends you "start with other residents both in and around your program. Don't forget to ask your program director and department administrators of any openings they have recently heard of."

Join a professional group such as American Medical Association or Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. These groups may also publish a journal or newsletter that posts jobs.

Attend networking events and job fairs. Be prepared to discuss your qualifications. Bring copies of your resume and some business cards.

Search online

Use a medical website designed to help doctors find jobs. is designed for anesthesiologists. also posts job openings for doctors.

Search for jobs in the area or specialization you choose. You can also search for a job in a certain state, city or region.

Apply online. Be prepared to upload your resume and sign up for an account on these sites.

If available, use the feature that allows you to be notified by e-mail when there's a new position posted in your area of interest or desired geographical area.


Use a recruiter to find a job as a doctor. Choose recruiters who don't charge physicians who are looking for a job, such as


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