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How to Work in a Psychiatric Ward

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How to Work in a Psychiatric Ward. Positions in a psychiatric ward and interesting and varied. You don't necessarily need a medical degree, or even a degree in psychology, to work in a ward, so consider your options before you dive in. A few simple steps can help lead you to a job in a psychiatric ward.

Begin at the top. If you have the ambition, consider a degree in psychology. If you complete your tenure in medical school you earn the title "psychiatrist" and you can issue medications. If you don't go to medical school your title is "psychologist" and you can still work and counsel patients, but you cannot prescribe medication.

Be a nurse. Psychiatric wards often employ registered nurses to assist doctors in the everyday care of psychiatric patients.

Consider a career as a psychiatric technician. This career might be a perfect fit for you if you don't necessarily have the desire for a degree in medicine or nursing. Psychiatric technicians (PT's) often help with the daily workings of a ward including medicine distribution, consulting, counseling and patient monitoring.

Look for support staff jobs in a psychiatric hospital or ward. Secretaries, billing staff and other workers are often trained in the workings of a ward in case they are needed in an emergency. Additionally, admitting staff work one-on-one with doctors and patients as they are admitted to the institution.

Decide if you want to work with children or adults. Most ward are split into the different age groups, and many doctors, nurses and PT's specialize in one area or the other.


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