How to Prepare Board Paper

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If you’re in charge of completing a board document, it’s important to have the information in a cohesive format for all to follow. The board paper is often like a recording of minutes in other meetings, and contains information about plans or action to be distributed to the board of directors for a particular company. Preparing a report is simple, and should be done promptly to stay relevant to the meeting.

Create the paper based on the needs for the board of directors. Often, a board paper will indicate a plan of action for a particular event or problem. For example, a sufficient board paper will contain a background explanation of a problem, pros or cons for recommendations concerning the problem and any further comments to help a board come to a final conclusion about said event or problem.

Date each page in the document so they are organized efficiently. At the end of the reporting paragraph, include final recommendations at the end of the report, followed by dissenting opinions from those in the board meeting.

List all of the members of the board committee at the end of the report, along with your name. Print the paper on standard 8 1/2 by 11 paper and staple together. Print out enough copies to give to each person on the board.