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How to Write an End of Assignment Report

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End of assignment reports are typically used to show your superiors how you carried out the work you were assigned. From this report, your superiors will be able to gauge what process was used to do the assignment. The entire report should be brief. Different companies have different formats, so be sure you ask whether there are any specific formatting issues you should know about.

Open with a Project Overview

The introduction tells your superiors the scope and goals of the project. It's recommended to make the introduction one half to one page long. Include a summary of what the assignment was and how you aimed to complete it. The introduction is also where you define any terms the audience may be unaware of. If there is any background information you feel is pertinent, include it in the introduction.

Explain Duties

If this was a group project, make a note on how responsibilities and duties were divided. You will want to specify who did what and why they were responsible for that portion of the work. This portion should also explain the methods used to complete the assignment, as your supervisor will want to know how you came to your conclusions. (3)

Share Your Results

In detail, describe your findings. If necessary, use table, graphics, and charts to illustrate your findings. This portion of the report is the “meat”, so make sure you are very detailed in explaining what conclusions you reached. You may also discuss any challenges you and your team faced. Discuss how you overcame these challenges to reach your findings. (1)

Give Personal Recommendations

Depending on the project, many companies will want to know what your thoughts on the assignment were. Let them know how things could be done more efficiently, or what you would change about how the process is done. This is your time to give feedback on the situation, and the recommendations you give should be able to be carried out reasonably. The personal recommendation part of the report should be one to two pages in length. (1)

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