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How to Become a Home Inspector in Georgia

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Home inspectors look over a home that is on the market, or being built, to ensure that the builders and sellers are disclosing all issues with a home and staying in line with building codes. If you are interested in becoming an inspector in the state of Georgia, you do not have to take any classes or obtain a license to start your work. However, remember that you likely will do better in business if you are certified.

Learn Georgia building codes and the requirements needed in order to do a proper home inspection. Attend home inspection classes given by a certified inspector. Check with the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors for a list of classes in your area and costs.

Set up your business. Since home inspectors work at other peoples homes, you don't need a location for your business. You can work out of your home if you choose. Register your business with the county and state with a Doing Business As form if you are not operating under your own name. There are no licensing requirements for the state. Contact the county tax office or county clerk's office to find out if your county requires a business license, and obtain one if you must. If you are operating within a city, contact the city clerk as well. Nominal fees usually are required when obtaining a business license.

Become a certified home inspector through the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors if you want to increase your success and credibility. You first must get certification through the International Code Council at its highest level and pass four tests from the council. You also must pass the National Home Inspectors testing, do 250 paid inspections and obtain liability insurance.



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