How to Become a Blue Angel

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How to Become a Blue Angel. The Blue Angels, goodwill ambassadors for the U.S. Navy, are touted as the most skilled pilots in the country. It takes years of hard work and commitment to attain the coveted title of Blue Angel.

Join the U.S. Navy.

Fly F/A-18 planes in the U.S. Navy successfully for several years.

Demonstrate superb flying skills, including tactical flying maneuvers and ship-top landings.

Learn to fly in formation beginning at a distance of 1 mile from your wingmen.

Master formation flying within a 6-foot proximity to your wingmen.

Complete all aspects of Blue Angel training, from steep formation climbs to stunts and centrifuge training (centrifugal force training).

Apply to join the Blue Angels team. Only when a position has opened and you have passed the rigorous Blue Angel tests will you be considered for admittance into the squad.


Protect your eyesight early on by wearing sunglasses, reading with lots of light and keeping your eyes rested. Blue Angel pilots must have 20/20 vision.


The stunts and acrobatics performed by the Blue Angels are death defying at all times. Only highly skilled U.S. Navy pilots should attempt any of these dangerous maneuvers.

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