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How to Train for Online Proofreading

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Proofreading requires a good eye for detail and a genuine enjoyment of reading and correcting someone else's work. Training for online proofreading is available through a variety of institutions and can enhance your career opportunities. For instance, businesses hire online proofreaders to review their websites, sales letters and more. You can start training for online proofreading by locating the best school based on price, time commitment and certification potential.

Research colleges and private companies that offer options to train for online proofreading. Look for schools that offer a form of certification, which may help you build credibility once you have completed the program. Compare program lengths and costs and select the training opportunity that fits your needs and price range.

Establish a study schedule that fits your work-life balance. Commit to consistent times to help ensure you finish the coursework in a timely fashion. Some programs are self-paced, and require exams for completion.

Develop a proofreading niche. For example, volunteer to proof a small business e-newsletter to gain experience in online proofreading for business. Ask your training instructor to guide you toward potential opportunities in online proofreading.

Memorize common proofreading symbols and familiarize yourself with standard style guides.

Learn to work with style sheets, which include specific rules for a particular project. Practice making note of an author's intentional quirks, especially when proofreading fiction writing. For instance, if something is normally capitalized, you may find that it is not throughout a manuscript based on the intent of the writer.

Acquire additional online proofreading experience once you master the assignments given during your training program. Work-from-home databases often include opportunities for online proofreaders.