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How to Write a German CV

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Writing a German curriculum vitae (CV) is essential to getting a job in Germany. In a German CV, usually called a Lebenslauf, a job-seeker states his experience and qualifications in an outline format. Unlike an American CV, a German Lebenslauf usually includes personal details such as marital status and date of birth, and contains a picture. A Lebenslauf is usually one to two pages long and is submitted with a cover letter, school certificates and references.

Title the document "Lebenslauf." Then type the title of the first section, "Persönliche Daten" or "Angaben zur Person" (personal information). In this section, include your first and last name, date of birth, marital status, citizen status, address and contact information. Each detail should be listed on its own line.

Title the next section "Schule" (school). In this section, list the schools you attended prior to college, including the location of and dates you attended each school. List schools in chronological order.

Title the next section "Studium" (higher education), and list colleges or universities you have attended. Include the location of and dates attended for each school, as well as your major, grade point average and degrees earned. Write these in chronological order.

List your previous job experience in the next section, "Berufserfahrung" or "Berufspraxis" (job experience). Include the location of each job, your position, responsibilities and the dates you were employed. Order this section from less recent to most recent.

Title the next section "Sprachkenntnisse" and list any foreign languages you know.

Create a section titled "Zusatzqualifikationen" and list your qualifications.

Write your name and contact information on the back of a passport-style photo. Then attach the photo to the upper-right corner of the Lebenslauf, using a paper clip.

Type the date and your current location in the bottom-left corner of the Lebenslauf. Then proofread the document. After printing your Lebenslauf, sign the bottom-right corner of the last page, next to the date and location.