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How do I Get a Job in the Canadian Senate?

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A job as a Canadian senator is a good one--if you can get it. The salary for a member of the upper chamber in the Canadian Parliament is more than CA$130,000 per year. Senators are eligible for retirement at age 55 and receive 75 percent of their salary as a pension. Other perks of being a senator include 64 round trips to anywhere in Canada every year and a $20,000 allowance for travel expenses for senators living more than 100 km from the Canadian capital. Becoming a Canadian senator is no easy feat, but following these guidelines can help you understand what to do.

Reach the age of 30. According to the the British North America Act of 1867, the minimum age for appointment to the Senate is 30. You will need to reach this age before you can legally hold a senator's seat.

Become a Canadian citizen if you are not one already. The British North America Act also requires senators to be Canadian citizens. It does not require citizens to be born inside the country, so immigrants who become naturalized citizens are eligible for appointment to the Senate.

Purchase at least CA$4,000 in real estate in Canada. The British North America Act requires that senators be landowners in the region of their appointment. All areas in Canada fall into one of these regions, so it is possible to be a landowner anywhere in Canada.

Live in the same region where your property is located. A final prerequisite for becoming a Canadian senator is to live in the area of your appointment. This means that you will need to live in the same region as your property. If you own properties in more than one region of Canada, then you can live in any one of the regions where you own property.

Receive an appointment to the Senate. Technically, senators are appointed by the governor general of Canada who represents the queen. In reality, however, it is the Canadian prime minister who appoints new senators. Generally, a prime minister will appoint senators who are members of his own political party, although he can appoint senators from opposition parties or senators with no political affiliations.


Because Senate appointments are political appointments, it is advisable that you should have experience in politics if you with to receive an appointment to the Senate. Additionally, it is beneficial to be a supporter of the governing political party as most appointments are partisan in nature.


The likelihood of getting a job as a Canadian senator is extremely low, as there are only 104 positions available in the Senate. It is best not to rely on a Senate appointment as a career option.