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How Do I Make a Racing Resume?

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Writing a successful racing resume could be the key to getting a job as a driver for a major team, or in securing financial backing through sponsors. Racing resumes are comparable in structure to any other resume, but there are also a few ways that they are particularly unique, and understanding the nuances that potential employers or backers look for is vital.

Choose how you are going to go about creating your resume. You can use the “CV” template from a word processing program or visit an online site that will help you format a resume. These sites include The PC Man, My Resume Online or Pongo Resume.

Introduce yourself to potential employers or backers. Outline your aims for your career and what you hope to achieve in one introductory paragraph. Include races you plan to attend, your main focus within racing and why you started racing in the first place.

List races you have participated in and how you performed. Potential employers will want to know whether you have a reliable history of doing well in big races; if you do, it is something to shout about.

Write about what you would bring to a racing team. This can include aspects of your racing successes and experience, but it can also feature what you would bring to the team as a person and as a sellable personality for the team to build upon.

Mention your non-racing background. You potential employers will be investing in the person as well as the racer, so they will want to know that you have other interests and hobbies and that you are a well-rounded individual. Talk about what you enjoy doing in your spare time, and any technical skills you may have.

Include a few references (ideally three or four) of people involved in racing. All references are good, but best are those who can vouch for your racing pedigree.

Double-check the spelling and grammar in your racing resume. This is no different than with any other resume. Even though you will not have to do much writing in your role as a race car driver, potential suitors will still see a clean and clear resume as a mark of your interest, intelligence and eloquence.


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