How to Sell Pocket Knives

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Many people know the usefulness of owning a quality pocket knife. Although you can find pocket knives at commercial outlets, it is sometimes better to hunt for a quality knife online, at a flea market or at a gun and knife show. Likewise, you may outgrow a pocket knife or have a collection of knives that you would like to sell.

Check local, state and federal laws to ascertain legal requirements or restrictions for selling knives online or through face-to-face transactions. Bernart Levine maintains a website that outlines laws in some areas. State government websites often contain information regarding the selling of knives.

Check local, state, and federal laws to ascertain whether or not you must register as a small business to sell pocket knives. The U.S. Small Business Administration maintains a website that provides resources for starting, growing and succeeding in a small business.

Sell pocket knives online by creating accounts at online auction and shopping websites. You may also find specialty websites that may cater to knife enthusiast

Sell pocket knives in face-to-face transactions by contacting the managers or organizers of “Gun and Knife” shows. They will provide you with registration information and any special conditions needed to sell at their event.


Consider consulting with an attorney and accountant to cover any legal issues regarding selling pocket knives.
For proper tax reporting keep accurate records of your knife sales.
If selling at “Gun and Knife” shows, invest in tables, chairs and display cabinets for use in a public venue.


In some states and counties, it is illegal to possess and sell knives.