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How to Get a SmartServe Certificate in Toronto

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Any individual wishing to serve alcohol in Toronto is required to be SmartServe certified. Some companies in the food and beverage industry provide new staff with a training workshop provided by SmartServe, while others require staff to be certified before hiring. You can obtain certification independently online for a nominal fee.

Visit www.smartserve.org. Here you will find information about SmartServe and laws related to alcohol consumption and service.

Conduct a system check to ensure you have Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher or Firefox 2.0 or higher. To do this, click on "Access online training" from the homepage, then click on "Perform system check." This will take a few seconds.

Place your order for the online training program by clicking on "Access online training" from the homepage, then clicking on the link "Step 2." Find the "Online Training Program" option--the first box from the top--and click on "Add to cart." You will be redirected to the Shopping Cart where you will be asked for your billing information. The cost is $34.95 as of 2010 and you will need to pay with a major credit card. Once you complete this step you will be provided with a Token Number.

Complete the registration form by clicking on "Access online training" from the homepage, then clicking on the link "Step 3." You will be asked for your token number, name, home address, birthday, email address and phone number. Once you have registered you will receive a username and password.

Login to your account by clicking on "Access online training" from the homepage, then entering your username and password in the fields on the left of the page.

View the training videos and read through the literature. Training material consists of three modules: "Alcohol and the Law," "'The Effects of Alcohol" and "Maintaining a Safe and Enjoyable Atmosphere." At the end of each module you will complete a short "Test Yourself" quiz before you will have access to the actual test. Completion of the online training takes about three hours; however, you can take as long as you need to study.

Complete the 25 multiple choice questions on the test. You have a maximum of two hours from the time you begin.

Submit your test for immediate results. You will need a minimum score of 80 percent to pass. If you fail the test you are allowed one opportunity to retake it.

Record your certificate number which will be provided to you immediately after completing and passing the test.

Watch for your certificate and lapel pin in the mail. It should arrive within three weeks.


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