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How to Become an Engineer for Amtrak

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Working as an engineer for Amtrak can be a valuable and rewarding career, but it’s not something everyone can do. Engineers must fulfill educational and work requirements and have mechanical and troubleshooting skills before the application process can begin. But if you have the right qualifications, you can apply for a job with Amtrak.

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Earn the proper degree. Amtrak requires engineers to have a bachelor's degree in engineering or engineering technology.

Meet the qualifications. Amtrak requires engineers to have five years of railroad work experience or the equivalent education, training and/or combination of work experience and education.

Have other necessary skills. Amtrak engineers must be capable of reading schematics and interpreting technical documents and instructions. They also must have problem-solving and electrical troubleshooting skills.

Apply for a job. Amtrak offers many ways to apply for an engineering position. Its website gives information on available positions, as does Applying through Amtrak’s site requires registration and account activation.

Pass the tests. Applicants will undergo a background check, as well as a screen for illegal drugs. Proper documentation will be required for newly hired employees on their first day of work to ensure that they are legally employable.


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