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How to Weld with a 6013 Welding Rod

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The 6013 electrode or welding rod is designed for light to medium penetration all-purpose welding. This electrode is for use on carbon steel and can be used to weld with any polarity. It is a popular electrode for beginners because it has a very stable arc that makes it a good choice for poor fitting joints.

Adjust the amperage settings based on the size of the 6013 electrode it will take to weld the base metal you are using.

Clean the metal you will be welding with a wire brush to provide the best possible penetration. Strike your arc by scratching the welding rod on the base metal to start the welding process.

Position yourself so that you can always see the end of your electrode and the arc produced by the welding process. Keep your body in position for the weld you are making and keep your head out of the smoke produced while welding.

Lead the bottom of the electrode with the top of the electrode 10 to 15 degrees in the direction of travel when using the E6013.


Some of the popular techniques to use while welding are to move the electrode in a slight circular motion, or a slight whipping motion while welding.


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