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How to Apply for a Dog Kennel License in Illinois

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If you are considering opening a dog kennel in Illinois, you will have to meet the licensure requirements as defined in the state's Animal Welfare Act. According to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, you may apply for the same license to cover kennel facilities, animal shelters, pet shops and animal control facilities. Licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed before July 1. The department's Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare oversees the licensure of kennel facilities in Illinois.

Download the kennel operation license through the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare website.

Provide details of your kennel's business information by listing the name of the business, the form of ownership, contact information for all owners and the citizenship status of the owners.

List the name and contact information for two professional references in addition to a bank reference on the application.

Answer the application questions regarding your criminal history and disciplinary actions against other licenses or permits. Explain in detail the facts involved in any felony convictions or revocations and suspensions of animal-related licenses.

Provide descriptive information about your kennel facility. Include details about the building's size, structure, rooms and kennel units.

Explain your animal health and kennel sanitation procedures. Include information about your cleaning policies, ventilation system, infestation prevention and your procedures for handling sick dogs.

Provide information about your policies for treating sick dogs and the contact information of the veterinary service you use.

Provide your legal name and social security number to comply with the Illinois Department of Agriculture's child support delinquency check.

Mail the completed application and license fee in the form of a check or money order to the Department of Agriculture.

Illinois Department of Agriculture State Fairgrounds PO Box 19281 Springfield, IL 62794

Schedule an on-site inspection of the dog kennel with a staff member from the Department of Agriculture to ensure that it meets the state's kennel regulations according to the Animal Welfare Act.


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