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How to Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster in Alberta

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Becoming an insurance claims adjuster in Alberta, Canada, requires several steps. At the minimum, you must have a high school diploma and some work experience. Taking related college courses can give you an edge with employers. You must be certified by the Alberta Insurance Council and pass an adjuster examination before holding the title. Renewing your license yearly is a requirement. In addition, you can apply for three license levels depending on your work experience and educational training.

Obtain your high school diploma and apply to work in clerical positions for insurance agencies. According to Alberta Occupational Profiles, you can begin as a telephone adjuster or administrative assistant.

Apply for your license through the Alberta Insurance Council (see References). In Alberta, it is a requirement of all insurance claims adjusters to have licenses before practicing. The three levels include level 1, which is basic certification; level 2, which requires 24 months experience in addition to the successful completion of six courses at the Insurance Institute of Canada; and level 3, which requires level 2 certification as well as being a fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada or a Chartered Insurance Professional and more ongoing training.

Pass the claim adjuster examination. Register for the adjuster examination through the Alberta Insurance Council either in-person or over the phone. The address for the Alberta office is:

901 Toronto Dominion Tower 10088 - 102 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta 780-421-4148

The address for the Calgary office is:

Suite 500 222 - 58th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta 403-233-2929

Submit all required fees and provide proof of residency or citizenship when registering. This is a requirement, according to the Alberta Insurance Council. The adjuster examination is a 100-question multiple-choice exam with 70 percent as the passing score. You will be tested on liability, automobile coverages, property statutory conditions and contract law.


Taking college-level insurance courses will definitely make you an asset to employers. Applying for a level 1 certificate, you will need to provide documentation of sponsorship to the Alberta Insurance Council from your employer who needs to have level 3 certification. Renew your license yearly. The fees, as of 2010, are $95. If you move up a certification level during renewal year, it is an additional $25.