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How to Find a Stenographer

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If you're looking for someone to create a written record of something being said aloud or on a videotape, you may want to hire a stenographer. Experienced stenographers are able to take dictation at a brisk pace without many initial errors. After they've finished transcribing the words, they go over the document again to correct any mistakes that were made during the quick process. Finding a stenographer isn't as easy as hiring, say, a landscaper or a florist, but it can be done.

Search the Professional Services Locator through the National Court Reporters Association (see Resources). By selecting your country, you can find a list of qualified reporting services who hire stenographers to meet businesses' needs.

Call a college or trade school certified by the NCRA to provide reporting education. There is a list of schools on the NCRA Web site (see Resources). Ask whether you can hire a student to give him experience in the form of a part-time job or internship. Schools also can connect you to a professor or the career center, both of which can aid you in finding an educated stenographer.

Ask local businesspeople who they use when they need stenography services. A part-time stenographer may not advertise, but good word of mouth can serve as a reference if necessary. If you know someone who uses a stenographer, ask for their rates and contact information.


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