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How to Make Your Own Killer Hunting Scent

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One of the most important hunting techniques is killing or masking your human scent before you go out to hunt. Over-the-counter hunting sprays, detergents, and shampoos are becoming a big business in recreational hunting and can be expensive. There are, however, homemade recipes for killing your scent you can use the next time you go out hunting.

Mix the hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, baking soda and unscented shampoo into a large mixing bowl. Grab the mixing spoon and gently stir all the ingredients until the baking soda is fully dissolved.

Place the oil funnel into the top of the milk jug. Pour the mixture from the mixing bowl into the milk jug, taking care not to pour too quickly and overflow the oil funnel. Loosely screw the milk jug lid on so gas can escape the mixture. Let the mixture cure in the milk jug for 3 days.

Unscrew the sprayer from the spray bottle. Place the oil funnel into the mouth of the bottle. Pour the mixture from the milk jug into the spray bottle until full. Screw the spray bottle nozzle back on.

Use the scent killer to eliminate scent off your boots, body, hunting equipment and hunting blinds. Spray either a clean towel or paper towels to wipe down your body and hunting equipment. You can also prepare for a hunting trip by pre-packaging paper towels that are pre-soaked in scent killer. For long term storage, soak paper towels in your mixture and drain excess mixture back into the milk jug. Seal the pre-soaked paper towels in an air-tight container for ready-to-use wipes on your hunting trip.