How to Start an Adult Day Care Center in Florida

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Adult day care centers provide a service in the community to meet the needs of those who want to remain living at home but who still need assisted care. The Florida Adult Day Services Association states that "[t]hese structured, comprehensive programs provide a variety of health, social and other related support services in a protective setting during any part of a day, but less than 24-hour care."

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Complete the Health Care Licensing application form. This form can be found at the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration's website. Fill in information about officers or members of the board, voluntary board members, officers of the center and others specified in the Licensing Application form. You will also provide information about these same entities if a company besides the center manages it. If you, the licensee, have any outstanding fines, you will provide information about them in the application as well.

Fill out the Health Care Licensing Addendum also, which provides information regarding controlling interests of the day care facility. Voluntary board members will also sign an affidavit. (See Reference 1.)

Fill out the Adult Day Care Center application, which can also be found at the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration's website. This form requests information about the services to be provided at the adult day care facility, as well as owner and day care center information. The application fee, as of Aug. 1, 2010, is $163.

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Provide proof of liability insurance, and complete the assets/liabilities form to show that you have the financial means to operate an adult day care center. Also complete and submit a Statement of Operations, which is an estimated statement of income and expenditures. These are available in the application packet on the Agency for Health Administration's website.

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Get approval from local zoning authorities for the building where your center will be located. Also get approval from your local fire safety authorities for your adult day care enter. Submit a report from a food hygiene inspection conducted by your county health department with your application as well.

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Get a background check for operators, owners, financial officers, and certain employees of your adult day care center. Refer to the two background check affidavits on the Agency for Health Care Administration's website for more information.

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Establish a written emergency response plan. This does not have to be submitted with an application, but it must be available for inspection. An Emergency Management Planning Criteria document is available on the Agency for Health Care Administration website.

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Complete a site visit by personnel from the Agency for Health Care Administration. This site visit will ensure that your adult day care facility meets adult day care center standards and regulations.


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