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How to Get a Job at Applebees

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Applebee's IP LLC, a nationwide chain of bar and grill restaurants, offers employment opportunities ranging from hosts, wait staff and cooks to managers and corporate team members. Applebee's hires employees for positions based on their skills, training and experience. You can get a job at the casual dining chain by showing your work experience with a resume that exhibits career strengths, talking with the right person and using some perseverance.

Select the "Applebee's Work With Us" link in the resources section of the company's Web site (www.applebees.com) to find a job at a nearby Applebee's restaurant. Enter your zip code and click "Get Started."

Find the restaurant in your area where you would like to work, write down the location details and select "Apply Online."

Enter information your personal name, such as phone number, mailing address, e-mail address and the position you want to apply. If you have skills as a server, cook, bartender or host, check the appropriate box. Enter the date you can start, your desired weekly wage and the shifts you are available to work. Click "Next" to enter your employment history, education and training information.

Answer Applebee's employment questionnaire on the next screen of the online application. Honestly answer questions about your personality and how you handle specific customer service situations. Click "Next." Upload your resume by clicking "Browse," locating your resume on your computer desktop and hitting "OK." Select "Submit."

Call the restaurant where you applied on the next weekday between 2 and 4 p.m. Ask to speak with the manager. Write down the manager's name. It's important that you do not call Applebee's about employment opportunities during the lunch or dinner hours, as managers and employees are busy assisting customers. Tell the manager the position for which you applied online and that you would like to schedule a time to meet with him and her to discuss potential employment opportunities. Write down the agreed-upon date and time for your interview.

Visit the Applebee's restaurant where you applied at the designated interview time and bring a copy of your resume. Tell the host at the front door that you are there to meet with the manager. When you meet and talk with the manager, openly answer any questions about your employment, education and training history. Tell the manager that you are eager to become a member of the Applebee's team.

Accept the job at Applebee's that you applied for if the manager calls with an offer.

Get a job at the Applebee's corporate headquarters in Lenexa, Kansas, by reviewing available job postings on an online job board that Applebee's utilizes on the "Resources" section of its Web site. Select the link for the position that best matches your skills, and click "Apply Online." Provide your contact information, work history, education history and special skills. Upload your resume and answer the questions in the online questionnaire. Click "Submit." If an Applebee's representative calls you, answer any questions he or she has about your employment eligibility. Accept an offered position if it seems right to you.



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