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How to Get a Nevada Guard Card

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In Nevada, those seeking a “Guard Card,” or looking to receive a license as a security officer, must comply with the regulations set forth by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. Regulations dictate an application must satisfy some pretraining requirements, pass a background check, pass a written exam and submit a completed application for licensure. Upon receiving your license, you are able to work as an unarmed security guard. The only exception to this is casinos, where an applicant must fulfill state requirements, receive licensure and then secure a second license from the local sheriff’s office that has jurisdiction over the casino where you will be working.

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Complete 11 hours of prelicensing training as required by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. Prelicensing training will prepare you to serve the general public as a security guard by instructing you in the appropriate application of skills such as crowd control, administering first aid, observation, report writing, and apprehending offenders to hand over to the police, along with legal and ethical issues. The security firm you are seeking employment with usually provides such training.

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Complete and submit an application for a guard card to the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. This application requires completion online at the GL public website by first registering, then completing the application and submitting a payment of $85.00 by credit card.

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Complete and pass the security guard exam. You will take this exam online once you have submitted your application. On the GL public website, you will see a link on the left-hand side menu titled “Security Guard Exam.” Click on the link and then follow the instructions to take the exam.

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Have your fingerprints taken at the local sheriff’s office and submitted electronically directly to the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. The sheriff’s office will submit your fingerprints electronically, immediately upon taking them.

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Wait for your status to update in the system to “Provisional.” Once your status has updated, you can begin working as an unarmed security guard. The physical card will arrive in the mail shortly thereafter.

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Renew your license every year. Renewal will require taking six hours of on-going training in security and retaking the security guard exam.


If you want to work in a casino, your employer will provide additional training that includes the monitoring of alarm systems and video equipment. Such positions usually pay a bit more than positions in other public settings.


An unarmed security guard in Nevada qualifies as low-risk employment because you do not receive training, nor have the authorization, to use force to stop or neutralize offenders who breach security.


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