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How to Find Out If I Passed My CNA Exam

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Before you can start working as a certified nurse's aide or certified nurse's assistant, you have to pass two exams that measure your competency. The written exam covers basics of patient care and medical terminology, while the skills test measures your ability to actually carry out tasks that CNAs typically perform. If you take the written test via computer, you may get your written exam results the day of the test. You may have to wait longer for the results of the in-person written and skills tests.

Getting Your Results

CNA exams are administered by various proctors, depending on the state and your program of study. Tests take place at community colleges, technical colleges or private testing sites. When you register for an exam, provide your contact information, as the proctor may use that information to send you your results. Before submitting your forms, double-check that you've listed your name, phone number and address correctly. You may get your results by mail or email, or the proctor may contact you by phone. If you take your test at a testing center by computer, you may get your results immediately. Make a note of the address and phone number of the testing site. If you don't get your results immediately after testing or by email, mail or phone within the allotted time frame. Contact the proctor or the nursing assistant registry within your state's health department to track down your scores. If they're not instant, it may take a few weeks to get your results.


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