How to Load a Tag Gun

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A tag gun is a mechanical device that joins a piece of clothing and a price tag using a thin plastic string. Push the needle-like point at the front of the machine through the hole in the tag. Push the needle through the size tag or other part of the garment. Push the trigger and the tag is attached to the clothing. Loading the tag gun may seem complicated the first time, but you can learn to do it in just a matter of minutes.

Remove the safety cap from the front of the tag gun. This cap is a removable piece of plastic that covers the front needle when the gun is not in use.

Pick up the connected string of plastic fasteners. Look at the fasteners and observe that they have two ends, with one end being larger than the other.

Hold the tag gun in one hand and the plastic fasteners in the other. Slide the fasteners into the opening at the top of the tag gun, with the smaller ends of the fasteners inside the machine and the larger ones outside.

Push down on the row of plastic fasteners until you hear a click. This sound indicates that the row of fasteners is locked into place in the tag gun.

Push the needle through a tag and then through the garment. Pull the trigger to push the string through the garment. Pull the gun away from the garment to release the string from the gun.


Always replace the safety cap when you are finished using the tag gun to prevent accidental injuries.

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