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How to Find Out What State Employees Make in Massachusetts

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The Boston Herald has obtained state salary information under Massachusetts' Public Records law. The paper makes the information available on its website in a large database. Included in the database are direct employees of the state, as well as employees of the University of Massachusetts. The paper also publishes lists of salaries for Massachusetts Water and Sewer (MWRA); the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MTC); and the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA).

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Choose the appropriate database of salary information from the options provided on the Boston Herald site.

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Enter the last name of the individual whose salary you are interested in. In the State Employee Payroll database, the information can be entered in the "Search by Last Name" field below the introductory blurb. Alternatively, you can choose all salaries for a particular department by choosing an option from the drop down menu next to the "Search by Department" field. Click "Search."

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Find the individual in the search results. The database will display the individual's full name, department, position, as well as earnings. The individual's annual pay rate is found in the column on the second from the right, under the label "annual rate."