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HRIS Training

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HRIS, or Human Resources Information Solutions, is a branch of human resources that is responsible for several jobs including employee payroll, benefits and evaluations. This program works with each state to make the workforce function on a much higher level by keeping records of all employees and weeding out the wheat from the chaff. In order to gain a position in the HRIS field, you must undergo basic training, then training for one or more positions within the HRIS field. These positions fall under three basic categories: human resources, benefits and payroll.

Go online and search for HRIS in your state. Click on the link provided for your state that has a .gov ending. It is on these sites that you will find the available jobs and training materials you need.

Click on and read through the general training topics. You may choose to take notes as you go along to study before taking the exams. This information is available to anyone trying to get into the HRIS field. You must complete this portion no matter the job you are trying to secure.

Choose one or more jobs you wish to apply for and read through the training information provided on the website. Again, take notes if you desire. You must choose at least one position under the categories human resources, payroll or benefits.

Log in to the HRIS site for your state. Register under the jobs for which you have chosen to take the exams. You will find the exams by clicking on the job you desire, then clicking on HRIS Courses, then on the final exam link.

Take the final exams that are required for your HRIS job. After you pass your exams, you may fill out the Agency Security Request form to acquire security clearance that will allow you to fulfill your job. Once you fill out the form, submit the form to your security administrator.


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