How to Change the Tape in a Cash Register

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Suddenly finding your cash register out of paper can be a real dilemma. This situation requires you to stop checking out your customers so you can take apart your register and switch the receipt paper while everyone waits. A way to minimize this potentially awkward scenario is to learn how to change your register tape before you have a line of impatient customers standing in front of you. While different models of registers may have slightly different ways to do this, the basic procedure is universal to all paper-receipt cash registers.

Remove the cover on the part of the register covering the paper tape. Cut the paper as close as possible to the reel, then feed the remaining loose paper sticking out of the receipt slot.

Lift the platen arm or any catch holding the paper. Remove the entire reel if necessary with the old roll still attached to it. Slide the old roll of paper off the reel and save it for scratch paper or throw it away.

Find the edge of the new paper and remove the tape holding it. Put the new roll of paper on the reel. Replace the reel in the register.

Close the platen arm or any catch that holds the tape down. Pull the edge of the paper up and through the receipt slot slightly.

Press the button on the register to feed the paper and make sure the new tape roll works.

Close the cover of the register.

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