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How to Get a Job with the EPA

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The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has highly educated employees with college degrees. For instance, over 50 percent are professionals including scientists, engineers, and policy analysts. In order to become an employee with the EPA, you must meet certain criteria. Leadership skills, community commitment and a clean background will be evaluated for selection into the federal position. Although, there is not an exam required for employment at the EPA, there are standards to follow for job consideration.

Find out the standards for employment. For instance, a resume must be crafted differently from the private sector. The format is presented differently for a government job; for more specifics, go to the Resources section below. Remember: Additional information is required on the resume, and geographical concerns may play a role when seeking work at the EPA.

Decide if you prefer applying directly with the EPA for a position or applying through a paid training program. Direct hiring requires a structured resume and applying online through the USA Jobs website. This process for the training program is the same, but there may be limited opportunities to apply via mail to the corresponding address with a resume and supporting documentation. Review the job listing for details.

Submit the resume, or the Optional Application for Federal Employment to be considered for direct EPA hiring. Most applicants must use the Internet to begin the application process. Click the Apply Online button to the right on the screen with the selected job on the USA Jobs database. Follow the prompts to register, submit any required documents and, if applicable, complete the assessment questionnaire.

For consideration, you must submit a complete application package by 11:59 PM Eastern time on the closing date of the announcement. Use the USA Jobs document portfolio feature for supporting documentation. Applying directly for an open position with the EPA may take 45 days or more depending on the background check requirements.

Apply for the Environmental Careers Program (ECP) at the EPA to use as a stepping stone, if the direct hiring process is not preferred. This is an intensive two-year entry level program with all the same benefits of EPA workers. ECP is similar to paid training for college students seeking hands-on experience. This is offered each fall and hires about 25 to 30 individuals. The openings are posted at the Office of Personnel Management's website. To apply, go to the USA Jobs database and use "ecp" as the keyword to locate positions and submit required documentation. For example, transcripts will be necessary.

Wait for a response or contact the agency person listed on the right-hand side of the job listing in the USA Jobs database. If you are considered for hiring or the training program, you will be contacted directly about what to do next depending on the job level.


The best way to enter the EPA is by participating in the ECP. ECP offers a expedited method to obtain GS 7 or 9 Grade level jobs. These jobs have better pay and security than lower levels, which takes many years including education to obtain through traditional promotion. There is not a magic formula to get hired, but seeking consultation on the federal resume style from an expert may make a difference. Resume builder is suggested as well for applicants to use.