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How to Become a Bartender in South Carolina

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South Carolina is known for its fantastic food and spirit choices. Bar tending is a popular job for both college students and older professionals in the state. Bar tending can often turn into a full-time career, with a quite respectable pay scale. Taking courses and gaining certifications can help you find bar tending jobs in South Carolina.

Meet age requirement. Before considering a bar tending career, you must be 21 years of age. If you are under this age, you can still sell alcohol as a restaurant table server, or as a liquor store cashier, but you cannot pour it as a bartender.

Become educated about all aspects of bar tending. Attend a bar tending certification course. Although these courses are not required when getting hired into an eating establishment, they help you to be above the competition. These noncredit classes are available at community colleges and other venues. You can take an online certification course (see Reference 1) for $19.95 as of My 2010. Although this is a bar tending safety course, you can also take a course on how to correctly bar tend. You can take an online course (see Resources) or an in-person class.

Apply to your bars restaurants, and pubs. Call or visit the managers and discuss your situation. Tell them about your certification (if taken), experience (if you have any), and why you should be hired as a bartender. Remember that this conversation with the manager will be his first impression of you; it may be best to wear a business suit or at least dress pants and a nice shirt or top.

Wait for a a phone call from the establishment for whether you are hired or not. If hired, remember that the first day on the job is the most important; the eating managers will be watching you closely. Take your time, don't be nervous, and enjoy bar tending!


Drinking alcohol on the job is a federal offense, and is a sure-fire way to get fired.


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