How to Get a Job in WWE

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The words “wrestling career” may conjure up images of spandex and suplexes, but not every position at World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is filled by athletes. This publicly traded, global company broadcasts its programming to more than 650 million homes across 150 countries, as of 2013. Creating and distributing media on such a scale requires a diverse group of professionals, which the company reaches out to via its WWE Careers website. Applying online isn't the only way to get hired at WWE, but it is certainly the most accessible route.

Visit the Job Listings page at the WWE Careers website. This page lists all current openings offered by WWE across its United States offices in Stamford, Orlando and Chicago.

Click on the job title of your choice. As a large media company, WWE employs a vast range of media professionals, including graphic artists, editors, announcers, media inventory specialists, writers, sales staff, producers, social media analysts, directors, financial planners, community relations officers and more. To limit the job listings, use the form at the bottom of the page to enter a specific location, category and position type, then press the “Search” button and click on a job title from the results that appear.

Select “Fill out an online form” from the job description page to submit your professional profile to WWE. Fill out all of the blank fields listed on the page. You'll need to input your contact information and employment info such as your minimum required salary, current base salary, years of related job experience and most recent title. Press the “Choose File” button and locate your resume on your computer to attach a copy. Click “Submit Profile” to submit your professional profile and resume for consideration.

Submit a general employment profile to WWE if you don't find a particular position of interest. Visit the site's Resume Submission page and click the “Fill out an online form” link. From here, the process is the same as filling out the info for a specific job description, but your info is instead submitted for general hiring consideration.


Rather than clicking on “Fill out an online form” from the job description or Resume Submission page, you can also click the Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn buttons to create a WWE hiring profile using your account information from any one of those social networking sites. This saves time, as it automatically transfers your existing info from your social network profile to WWE's site.