How to Run a Successful Bank Branch

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To run a successful bank branch you have to have your entire team involved and working together to make the branch successful. Everyone should be properly trained in their position. There has to be mechanisms in place that helps the bank generate business and maintain a relationship with current customers. A branch manager must be involved in the community and call current customers periodically to thank them for their business.

Have a team meeting. As a branch manager schedule a team meeting, in the morning, before the bank opens for business. Discuss the plan of action so that each employee knows what is expected daily. Some of the topics covered should be customer service, business generation and policies and procedures. Employees should know what their daily sales goals are for each product offered by the bank.

Schedule training sessions for employees. Training sessions help employees better understand the policies and procedures of the bank. Bank employees can help prevent losses if they know how to correctly identify a bad check and can tell if someone has a fraudulent identification. Employees should be able to tell if money is real or counterfeit. Some training sessions can be designed to help employees sell more products and services. A training session can also stress the importance of teamwork and being prompt.

Demonstrate to all bank employees an example of good customer service. Show employees how to greet customers with a smile. Express the importance of being, kind, friendly and personable. Many customers stay with a bank because of the customer service provided. Make sure all of a customer's needs are met before they leave the teller station or an employee’s desk.

Teach employees how to cross sell. Bank Tellers and sales associates need to cross sell products and services. Once a bank customer has been serviced ask if there is anything else that can be done. If they say no, bring up a new product or service the bank is offering. Bank employees need to be able to recognize a customers needs based on their actions and words. If a bank customer is complaining about overdraft fees or non-sufficient fees, a bank employee can offer them overdraft protection, which is a line of credit. Some customers will mention they are retiring soon. This is an opportunity to see if they would like to roll over their retirement account. If a bank employee has a son or daughter going to college, ask if they need a loan for tuition.

Go out into the neighborhood. Because of the competitive nature of the banking industry, a bank manager can no longer wait for business to walk through the door. She must get out and network with the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs and attend social functions.

Provide motivation and encouragement to the staff. A bank manager must be able to motivate a staff with incentives and bonuses. It’s a good idea to ask employees what motivates them then design competitions and contests based on their answers.


When cross selling bank tellers will usually get a customer interested and refer them to a plat form employee for the actual sale. A bank manager should always look to develop employees so that they can take on more responsibility and get promoted. Always ask your current customers for referrals. This can lead to new customers. Find out about your competitors and what advantage you have over them. Never bad mouth your competitors