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How to Become an Immigration Officer in Jamaica

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Getting a government position is a wonderful opportunity for anyone concerned about steady paychecks, paid holidays and status as a government employee. If you have traveled to Jamaica as a tourist and are currently looking for a stable position with many benefits with the government, becoming an immigration officer in Jamaica may be just the ticket for you.

Read as much you can about becoming an immigration officer in Jamaica. Disregard any preconceived notions and misconceptions about working in a tropical climate. Parts of Jamaica are considered dangerous (even for native residents) and your status as an immigration officer could land you in a kidnapper's backseat with instructions to the embassy to pay or never see your face again.

Go to and apply for an immigration officer position in Jamaica when an appointment becomes available. Should your application be reviewed and you are approved to proceed, you will receive a packet of information that details your next steps in the employment process.

Complete your fingerprints and background check with OPM (Office of Personnel Management). Would-be employees of USCIS are given a form titled (SF-86) which asks the applicant to answer a series of questions to determine the complete background of the individual, their family, friends, co-workers and even non-close associates and neighbors. This type of background is one of the toughest background checks that an individual will ever go through. Those that pass the check can know that their background has been approved by a post-911 administration and they should be proud .

Send in all required documents. During the background process, your credit will also be checked. This is an excellent time to think seriously about cleaning away any old debts that have been holding your credit score hostage. Working as an immigration officer requires a person to have a fairly clean credit history (or at least be at work to clean it up). This makes sure that you won't become temped to accept a bribe to adjudicate an application as approved, just to pay off your home mortgage or stash money for your personal rainy day fund.

Accept your position and EOD (Enter On Duty) date. Though most positions are filled through background checks and paperwork, be prepared to attend a few interviews with a director located in your area before you are officially hired