How to Find Employment With a Pending Felony

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Finding employment with a pending felony can bring heartache, especially if the charge is a violent offense. Though many individuals with convictions have located a viable source of income through self-employment, the majority may still choose to pursue employment with corporations or other businesses. Searching for employment with a pending felony may not be easy. However, it can be done. Here are a few tips to finding your next career despite a pending felony.

Visit any police station and request a copy of your background report. Review the report to determine whether the felony is actually located on the report.

Contact staffing agencies and explain that you are looking for employment. Notify the agencies of the hours you are willing to work. Work as much as you can and build a reputation for hard work. This will encourage the agency to overlook your criminal background when searching for reputable workers for the day or week.

Visit your local U.S. Department of Labor office and request to be bonded. (See Resource 1.) The bonding program is a program for those with felony records or pending convictions, or who are otherwise unable to be bonded. The program is a way for those who find it hard to find employment, especially due to criminal backgrounds, to become gainfully employed.


Request to have your record expunged (cleared by a judge) if the felony is ultimately dismissed.


Try not to lie on employment applications. This may cause you to lose your position even after being hired.