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How to Negotiate a Salary Increase When Amount Offered Is Not Enough

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Salaries from employers or prospective employers are always negotiable and are influenced by factors like education, skills, work ethic, and time in the field or with a current employer. Asking for a salary increase can seem like a daunting task, but remembering certain techniques and key points might make the difference between not enough money and an appropriate salary.

Highlight your skills or contributions. If you feel your skill set is worth more than the amount your employer or potential employer is offering you, let them know why. If you’re negotiating a raise within a company you already work for, outline the contributions you have made to the company and why they are important. If your boss or potential employer agrees with your assessment, she might increase your salary.

Don’t ask for more than you’re worth. You may wish to make the most money possible at your job, but if your requests are out of the price range for the company, they might decide you’re not worth the hassle. Research salary ranges for your job or jobs similar to yours so you can determine if your asking price is too high. If you’re receiving less than the going rate range in your field, this information will give you a basis and support in asking your boss to raise your pay into a range that other qualified professionals in your career make.

Don’t threaten or be impolite or rude in your negotiations. This may result in your boss deciding to let you go or cancel the offer. Be courteous, but remain firm in your resolves and your reasoning. The worst your boss will say is no, and then you can decide to either move on to other employment or approach the topic again at a later date.

Ask about other options for making extra money with the company if a salary increase is refused. Your boss might inform you of ways you can better prove yourself or advancement opportunities. There may also be further training you can receive from the company that will result in a higher salary or promotion.