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How to Learn CAD at Home

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CAD (computer-aided design) is the practice of designing real and virtual objects using computer technology. CAD is used several different careers, including engineering, game design, movie special effects, advertising and interior design. Online classes teach the different geometric models that make up CAD. Learn CAD online by finding a course that fits your needs, time and learning objectives. The CAD classes available online range from beginner to advanced; free to paid training.

Go to Click on "Tutorials" from the top menu page. Go through the four levels of lessons, starting with Lesson 1-1. You will need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer to view the lessons on this site.

Go to the CADD TRAIN website. Some of the lessons are available for a free trial, but there is a fee to access all of the lessons. Click on "Courses" at the top of the page. Click on the course you want to take; there are several for CAD training. Once you have chosen a course, click the delivery option you want for the course materials: DVD or download. Go back to the site and click on "Student Area" after you have received your course materials. Log into the student area with the login credentials you received after purchasing the course. Use the student area and course materials to go through the lessons and take the quizzes online.

Visit the CADCEA Ltd. website to learn CAD with free 3D tutorials. Click on "Free Autocad 3D Tutorials" button from the right-side menu. See the lesson menu in the right side. Click on the lesson you want to take. Read the materials from the lesson and follow through the steps.


AutoCAD is a computer program used by commercial design and architecture firms to create the CAD designs. Tutorials recommend using one of these programs when learning the modeling details of CAD.